Medical Students’ Association of Moi University

The Medical Students’ Association of Moi University is a registered students’ association in the College of Health Sciences, Moi University formed over 20 years ago. It consists of students pursuing the following courses; Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Science in Medical Psychology and Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences.
It is made up of students whose core drive is the desire to use their knowledge to serve fellow human beings through provision of medical services and health promotion. Students in Moi University have background training on community service through the COBES model of learning in our curriculum. COBES; Community Based Education and Services, ensures that students are posted to local health centres at least twice, aside from the formal training in medical school. This ensures the release of skilled professionals with first hand experience into the community.
MSAMU envisions a society of future innovative health care professionals and members who appreciate their medical learning experience and are holistically oriented to healthcare needs both locally and internationally.
To safeguard the welfare of the students in the school of medicine and empower them through promotion of creativity, innovation and networking in preparation for being future all-round community oriented professionals.


  • To promote integration of the programs within the school of medicine, Moi University.
  • Provide a platform for students within the school of medicine to gain exposure, interaction and mentorship from professionals in their fields of interest.
  • To promote academic welfare of the members including:
                                       i.Research related to health education
                                      ii.Exchange programs
                                     iii.Medical education
  • To promote student-participation in community-based activities in an effort to solve health related problems in the community.
  • To be a link for the members to local and international student-based associations (including but not limited to MSAKE, IFMSA and FAMSA) and professional organizations.
  • To provide a forum for members to showcase their creativity and innovations


 Executive Board.
  1. Sheryl Faith Nam- CHAIRPERSON
  2. Eddah Rotich- VICE CHAIRPERSON
  3. Aisha Bereky- SECRETARY
  4. Marlene Koskei- ASSISTANT SECRETARY
  5. Faith Chepkorir- TREASURER
  6. Francis Kihara- ASSISTANT TREASURER
 Local Officers
  1. Brian Abuya- SCORP
  2. Pamela Aluoch- SCOPH
  3. Aliyah Aliyan- SCOMH
  4. Gloria Kimani- SCORA
  5. Faith Chepkorir- SCORE
  6. Sharon Moturi- SCOPE
  7. Emmanuel Gudu- SCOMH