What We do

What We do

For over 13 years, MSAKE has been the umbrella association for the Kenyan medical students. The association has been run for and by the medical students on a voluntary basis. At the heart of the association is the provision of holistic medical education, soft skills and exposure to its members in their preparation to be future healthcare professionals.

MSAKE is a full member of IFMSA (membership certificate here). As a National Member Organization, the association provides various opportunities for its members including attendance to IFMSA General Assemblies, professional and research exchanges, capacity building through annual IFMSA Sub-Regional Trainings, opportunity to vie for various IFMSA positions for furtherance of their leadership skills, scholarship opportunities to partake in various IFMSA and IFMSA-related activities, exchange opportunities with other IFMSA NMOs through projects and activities and opportunities to develop skills in policy making and advocacy, among others.

As an association, MSAKE provides its members with an opportunity for self-growth and value addition through our various standing committee activities, local chapter activities, as well as the general MSAKE activities and projects. Through these activities, MSAKE offers its members an opportunity to develop and further their leadership skills beyond their academic life and create their own connections which could be potential door openers. In line with this, the association also encourages its members to come up with their own ideas and innovations in line with the association’s objectives.

Each year, MSAKE holds an annual General Assembly which brings together the association’s members and partners. The General Assemblies provides members with an opportunity for networking, learning and mentorship from professionals. Importantly, these assemblies provide golden opportunity to the members to learn more about MSAKE and IFMSA as well as policy making through attendance to the plenary sessions.

For years, MSAKE has acted as a link between medical students and the medical professionals through its partnerships and collaborations with professional organizations and institutions such as the Kenya Medical Association, Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU), Kenyan Doctors USA and the Ministry of Health among others. This has provided our members with an opportunity for mentorship in preparation for the professional life.

In MSAKE, the emphasis is placed on engaging our members in their local universities and equipping them with new ideas and the skills to implement them. As the doctors of tomorrow and future leaders of health, we feel confident that our members will carry this spirit with them throughout their professional lives so that they positively impact the communities they serve.