Standing Committee on Research Exchange.

Over the years, research has grown to become a paramount field in the practice of medicine. Research skills have also been emphasized on over the years during medical training, but we still face challenges with medical students’ participation in research. Observational skills, reporting on observations, and making a judgement based on the observations can be argued to be the fundamental aspect in the practice of medicine. This, is in fact the cornerstone principle in research. So, no matter where we go in this world or beyond, research and medicine will always be related.

The Standing Committee on Research Exchange under the Medical Students Associations of Kenya (MSAKE) is focused on improving research within medical schools in undergraduate students who are members of the organization and enhancing exchanges for research with other National Member Organizations (NMOs). We are aiming to improve the access to research, as well as awareness on research and the participation of medical students in basic and clinical research projects, locally and abroad.

To increase the number of students who participate in research exchanges yearly by 15 per cent.
To establish and maintain collaborations with other research organizations in in Kenya, outside Kenya as well as other IFMSA National Member Organizations (NMOs).
To increase the number of publications from undergraduate medical students in peer reviewed journals by 5 percent every year.
To establish and maintain a mentorship structure for students who want to pursue their interest in research, and those who are trying to carry out research.
To have at least 20 students participating in research internships every year with various research organizations.
To have an influence and increase the number of students interested in further pursuing MSc. And PhD programs, and/or enrolment in such programs.
To help influence the national research culture in Kenya, and work with other NMOs to achieve the same in the region.
University Name Email Phone
Moi University Faith Chepkorir 0713734982
University of Nairobi Harry Elisha 0703411582
Kenyatta University Maxwell Konzolo 0723003795
Maseno University Jackline Githinji 0795313620
Jomo Kenyatta University Julianne Mwangi 0715600515
Egerton University Kennedy Muthomi 0798148215
Mount Kenya University Wanjiru Mwangi 0791716878
Uzima University Chacha Magige 0729261616

The SCORE National team also comprises of the National Officer Assistant, Janet Muthoni, the Research programs coordinator, Pavanraj Chana and the Design and content manager, Benjamin Wanyonyi.

As a committee, we are currently working on reactivation of research exchanges in IFMSA. We have in the past been dormant and our students have not been going abroad to gain more insight into research. We hope to complete the process in the next few months and have our first batch of students ready to go for the exchanges in the last quarter of this year.

We are also working on several research related campaigns, including research awareness campaigns, open access campaigns, scientific discrimination, ethics in research and impactful research. With this series of campaigns, we hope to cover topics that are key in the biomedical research and that hinder many students and even graduate doctors from taking part in research.

Over the next few months, we also plan to host several online sessions and tutorials on various research topics that medical students may not be taught in their various schools. These will eb done by senior researchers and will help improve the knowledge of medical students who want to engage in research. At the end o the series, we plan to have a weeklong research bootcamp, where all that will have been taught is put into practice, ideas are written down and expressed and at the end fully formed research studies will be the product.

Currently we are working with the Federation of African Medical Students Associations to engage students in trainings for research, as well as motivate them to participate in research. We are also doing the same with other National Officers on Research Exchange in the East African Region, namely Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan and Ethiopia.

Stay tuned for more opportunities from SCORE. To be informed, follow us on social media @score_ke on Instagram and @SCORE_Ke on twitter.