Standing Committee  On Medical Education.

Welcome to SCOME!

The Medical Students association of Kenya (MSAKE) has a dedicated organ that seek to impart holistic, innovative, and up to date information on various medical related issues to all medical students in Kenya; the Standing Committee On Medical Education (SCOME). Through all our joint efforts we work to create sustainable changes around the world, for ourselves as medical students, for the generations to come and for our future patients and our communities who are in fact the final beneficiaries of our education. This includes ensuring that all issues arising in the medical field are well researched and the information passed on to all medical students.

This is achieved via different methods such as social media platforms, designing of posters and organizing educative events. Our committee is well represented in all the universities offering medical courses in Kenya such that there’s one representative from each university.

Our activities are well spread throughout an entire academic year and the events are well organized as the committee has a calendar that guides its activities.

We are committed to ensure that all the medical students are properly enlightened with issues pertaining to medical education.


Davis Onsare ( National Officer)   Brenda Chelangat ( KU)   Emmanuel Gudu (MOI)
  Nick Laboso (UZIMA)   Valary Wesonga (MASENO)   Hussein Mohammed (UoN)
  Gregory Mulwa (JKUAT)


This is a project by doctors and specialists in the field of surgery from all over Kenya designed to instill core surgical skills at the very start of a surgeon’s training at undergraduate level by teaching the correct basic skills. The project is aiming to train 1000 medical students across all the universities in the country on basic surgical skills by May 2021.

This form of capacity building is to be rolled out through surgical skills modules and workshops facilitated by medical officers and surgeons. The project has partnered with Medical Students Association of Kenya (MSAKE) and was assigned to the Standing Committee for Medical Education (SCOME) to facilitate the rolling out and implementation of the project.

There will be sessions of teaching, practicing and assessment on different scheduled days throughout the year.


Online campaigns on the causes and prevention of the major lifestyle diseases such as hypertension and type 2 Diabetes.
Organizing physical meeting in our various medical schools aimed at equipping students with necessary information on the subject. Facilitators of the meetings will be experts in the medical fields who have had firsthand experience with patients with complications as a result of lifestyle diseases.
Educate masses on management of the lifestyle diseases through medical camps that will be distributed throughout the country.
Participate actively in the ongoing research about different diseases especially on hypertension and type 2 Diabetes.
Be on the frontline in the fight against drug and substance abuse by seeking partnerships with the existing agencies.



Lifestyle diseases have been a great burden to many economies in the world. Much less understood is that they now account for the majority (53 per cent) of deaths and disabilities in the developing world – taking 31 million lives a year (Aisha Majid, 2018). As a consequence many economies have set a large set aside large amounts of money for the health sector to deal with the rising cases of lifestyle diseases that have been placed under NCD’s (Non-communicable diseases). This diseases are caused mainly by three modifiable lifestyle behaviors including drug and substance abuse, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity. As a committee we therefore took the initiative of starting a project that is aimed at flattening the mortality curve as a result of lifestyle diseases.