Our Alumni

At MSAKE we value a cyclical existence that ensures once you are a member; at no point shall you be out of the loop. Members join in and get involved in our activities and soon graduate and get into the medical field. Since MSAKE champions for holistic development of the young student doctors into competent doctors, it is worth keeping tabs with our Alumni.

The Alumni are very resourceful in a number of ways. This is a major reason why we envision them as our greatest partners. They are able to provide guidance in running of the association effectively, basing on their vast experience in its matters when they too were a part of it as members. It is quite remarkable to note that a number of our Alumni who were in one of the MSAKE organs of leadership were able to soar up the skies and become of influence in the professional associations that we have both nationally and internationally. We appreciate their voluntary and unsolicited input towards the betterment of MSAKE.

Another crucial area of intervention of the alumni has been experienced in seeking of new partnerships. Our alumni have always been ready to link us up with their networks in a bid to diversify MSAKE and make it adaptable to the rapidly changing world. These partnerships that have been fostered as a result have loads of benefits for the MSAKE community.

In the near future we have prospects of having our Alumni take part in raising funds for the association. This shall boost our primary sources of income and thus reduce our burden when allocating funds toward our activities. We say a big thank you to our Alumni and encourage all our members to stay in the loop and join the Alumni once they are out of school and in the field.

MSAKE Alumni Network

In order to strengthen the association, the MSAKE alumni and medical students alumni in general have a key role to play towards achieving the vision of MSAKE. Our alumni have proved to be a valuable resource that is yet to be tapped, with an example being an alumni-led project for medical students called “Thousand Future Surgeons Project” which aims to empower medical students with surgical skills pivotal for their career path.

In this regard, the Executive Board has recognized the unlimited potential of the association’s growth through our alumni and hereby seeks to establish the MSAKE Alumni Network. Our alumni network will be engaged in the association as follows but not limited to:

a) Mentorship - the alumni network will be part of the mentorship program being established in partnership with the Kenyan Doctors USA (KEDU). Mentorship will be done through projects, activities, meetings with MSAKE officials, General Assemblies among others.

b) Advisory Board - an advisory board will be formed in consultation with the Presidents’ Council to act as the official advisory body for the association.

c) Alumni led projects and activities

d) Capacity building - as part of our capacity building efforts, we will involve our alumni in facilitating workshops and trainings based on IFMSA trainings, advocacy, policy making, management skills among others.

To be a member of the MSAKE Alumni Network, you will be required to register by filling the membership form on the right. The membership will be renewable on an annual basis. Further information will be provided on how to renew your membership in due course.