• MUSOMSA was formed in the year 2008 with the pioneer medical class and by that time it was quite a very small association. However, over the years it has undergone exponential growth that saw it transform to what it is today.

    We are full members of the Medical Students Association of Kenya. We comprise students in various departments in the School of Medicine at Maseno University. These are:

    • Medicine and Surgery
    • Medical Laboratory Sciences
    • Nursing
    • Biochemistry

    We sought a way to ensure that health students in our school are all in one body for the unification of purpose and ideologies.


The leadership of MUSOMSA is structured in such a way that all the departments are well represented.

At the helm of its leadership, we have the President who is the Chief Executive Officer of the association. The main role is to oversee that the association is in order and that everything is running for the goodwill and benefit of the association. Our current President is Bonnke Arunga, MB ChB IV. 

We have a total of 1 Vice President and 4 Course Representatives. The courses under our Association are Medicine, Nursing, Medical Laboratory Science, and Biochemistry. These officials work alongside the President, harmoniously, to channel issues affecting the students to the Executive Board. The Executive Board then deliberate on amicable ways of resolving them and if possible escalate the issues to relevant authorities. They basically are a conduit between the class representatives and the Board.
Organizing Secretary.
Our welfare is well catered for under the office of the Organizing Secretary. It is tasked with the welfare activities of the association and shall work hand in hand with the Muslim Group as well as the Christian Fellowship. His major role lies in preparing the association’s calendar of events to keep the association up and running.

Secretary General and Treasurer
The Secretary General has always been the spokesperson and in charge of correspondence between the association and the other external matters. The treasurer is in charge of maintenance of all financial records of the association as well as generating funds for the running of the association in close collaboration with the President and other Executive Board members.
Our Existence
Our existence is pegged to what medical students can do amongst themselves that will have a ripple effect that is far reaching to the community around it. This is otherwise termed as social responsibility. We have continually endeavored to improve the health standards of the community around us through medical campaigns and educations. “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” We have encouraged mutual exchange of knowledge among peers. The association has greatly bridged the gap between the senior and junior students through bonding sessions that create a platform for getting insights from each other on social and technical aspects of life. The association is an established family that cares for all of its members holistically. Inculcated in us is a spirit of one for all, and all for one. My joy and achievements, however small, is definitely a bowl for us all to drink from. This is extends even in retrospect when we have misfortunes. We have to stand in for each other. The association has continually sought to expand its network both locally and internationally in order to share its operational logistics with others of similar interests and also tap from them to better the lives of all its members.

All our leaders serve the interests of the members of the association and are critical for its existence.

Social Media
Twitter: @MUSOMSA1