Jomo Kenyatta University Students of Medicine Association (JKUSMA) is a registered students’ association in the School of Medicine, College of Health Sciences, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. Formed in 2015, it consists of students pursuing a course that leads to the award of the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB). It also consists of all students who successfully completed the MBChB course at JKUAT, who are alumni members of the association. The association was found on the pledge to be respectful to every students’ opinion and the drive to work together with all relevant stakeholders in a bid to instill academic, social, physical and spiritual values to all medical students.


To be an association that unifies all medical students with a common goal of being competent medical professionals at both local and international levels.

  1. To provide a platform for medical students to raise, suggestions, recommendation, issues and concerns as single entity. 
  2. To foster unity and cohesion among the medical students. 
  3. To liaise with community health-based organizations in undertaking community services on matters related to health in a bid to improve community lives. 
  4. To establish a forum and formula for working in synergy with other several organizations within and outside the school for the benefit of the medical students.
  5. To facilitate interactions with other medical students, in other institutions through exchange programs within and without the country.
  6. To organize academic and non-academic activities for the medical students.
  7. To run projects as a source of income for the association to run its activities effectively. 
  8. To solicit for sponsorships and bursaries to the needy students within the association.

The dean, school of medicine, is the association’s Patron.

The executive committee is the top administrative organ of the association. It is composed of the following elected by registered members of the association who serve for one term of one year; Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary General, Treasurer, Publicity Secretary and an Editor-in-Chief. Also constituting the executive committee are year representatives who are elected by their respective class members who serve one term of two years.

To aid the executive in dispensation of its duties, there are also established, subcommittees whose members are appointed by the executive committee. The subcommittees include:
  • Academics committee, Finance committee, Community health committee, Sport and entertainment committee, HIV/AIDS awareness committee, Editorial committee, Mentorship committee, ICT and links committee and Welfare committee.
  • Also assisting in running the affairs of the association are the local officers of MSAKE standing committees who liaise with the executive committee and the subcommittees in their areas of jurisdiction. FAMSA officials and representatives also form an integral component of the association. All these persons together with the SoMED representative form the JKUSMA board of management.
  • Chairperson: Gogo Emmanuel Ogalo
  • Vice Chairperson Dayra Aurelia
  • Secretary General George Ojwang
  • Editor General: Ruguru Kimani
  • Organizing Secretary Nemkai Leiro
  • Treasurer: William Ogeto
  • Publicity Secretary: Laura Jebet
  • JKUSMA executive Committee
  • Gregory Mulwa: Standing committee for Medical Education (SCOME): 
  • Samantha Jarenga: Standing committee for public health (SCOPH): 
  • Lydia Atieno: Standing committee for Rights and peace (SCORP): 
  • Julianne Mwangi: Standing committee for Research exchange (SCORE):
  • Paula Mwende: Standing committee for Professional Exchange (SCOPE): 
  • Rodney Onguka: Standing committee for Mental Health (SCOMH): 
  • Tony Kiprono: Standing committee for Reproductive health including HIV/AIDS (SCORA): 
  • Innocent Oduki SoMED rep, FAMSA director SCOME
  • Davis Onsare MSAKE SCOME national Officer
  • Damacline Abuya RESPEKT
  • Benjamin Maseret FAMSA National Officer, SCOME