Egerton Medical Students Association (EUMEDSA )

Egerton Medical Students Association (EUMEDSA ) is an independent, non-political association under an umbrella association of all medical schools in Kenya(MSAKE) that is recognized by Kenya as the official national forum for Kenyan Medical Students by the international federation of medical students association(IFMSA). EUMEDSA was created to cultivate the spirit of friendship among Egerton medical students whilst policy making and mentorship programmes, this was in line with MSAKE vision and mission across the country and IFMSA's across the globe
To expose medical students to humanitarian and local health issues, providing them with the opportunity to educate themselves and their peers;
To facilitate partnerships between the medical student community and local organizations working on health, education, and medicine;
To give medical students the opportunity to take part in clinical and research exchanges
To provide a network that links active medical students across the country so that they can learn and motivate each other
To provide an local framework in which medical student projects can be initiated, developed and implemented;
To empower and train medical students to take a role in bringing about the necessary changes to improve the health in the country.

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